Pregnancy Yoga

YogiClaire offers pregnancy yoga classes in Rutherglen on Mondays at 6pm, Glasgow

This is a specialist Pregnancy yoga class for mums to be who are keeping well in their pregnancy. Please get in touch before booking into class if you’ve never been along before. Please have a mat, 2 bed pillows, a blanket and a drink of water.

It’s very important to give yourself some self care during your pregnancy, it can be a very tiring and overwhelming time for mums to be. It can also be good to meet, and get to know, other mums to be in your area.

If we take the time out to focus on our body, mind and breath during our pregnancy, it can help to manage, or even avoid, some of the aches and pains that can sometimes be associated with pregnancy. It’s also great for stress and anxiety relief.

In this class we focus on building strength in our legs and gluteals, while maintaining some strength in the abdominals. This all done in a way that is safe and effective during the pre-natal period. We also concentrate on maintaining some flexibility, not improving, or increasing it.

We will also work with a variety of breath techniques, that can be used, and can also be extremely helpful, during pregnancy, birthing your baby and beyond, well into the post natal period.

Most importantly we also carry out various relaxation techniques, to help relax and calm the mind and body.

You’ll need a yoga mat, 1 or 2 pillows, a blanket for relaxation, a Pilates/ birthing ball and an open mind.

The face to face classes will be run in a COVID 19 safe manner, but please note we may be required to revert to fully online, should government guidelines on face to face classes change. Please only book if you are able to attend online if need be, in the event that government guidelines change. Please also be aware that all classes are non-transferable and non refundable.

Please contact me to discuss the class in more detail, or click here to get booked in below.

Thank you

Claire xx

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