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Spring season

•Spring season overview

The spring season is a time of rising energy after the stillness/yin phase of the winter season. The hours of daylight get longer, making life that little bit brighter. Nature is beginning to wake up after the cold of winter, the sap is rising in the trees, the first buds begin to appear, bringing a splash of colour after the dullness of winter. It’s a time for detoxifying the body and mind, movement, personal growth and development, setting new challenges and goals for ourselves and making changes in our lives where necessary. Our energy levels begin to rise, for this reason spring is associated with our rising yang energy.

• Spring Element – wood

Each season has an element attached to it. In Spring the element is wood and is associated with the trees and the rising sap within them, this is connected to our rising yang energy. It is a time to focus on our foundations within our asana practice through strong roots, which provide stability and strength.

• Organs – liver and gall bladder

Each season has a pair of organs associated with it. In spring these organs are the liver and gall bladder. The liver meridian (energy channel) is found running from the big toe, over the foot and ankle, up the inside leg, then along the outside of the torso, ending under the nipples. The liver is at its most active between 1am and 3am, its functions involve detoxifying the body, making bile to aid digestion, blood sugar regulation. The gall bladder meridian runs from the side of the eye, over the head, down the front of the shoulder, zig zags down the side of the body, over the hip and down the outside of the leg, and finishes at the 4th toe. The gall bladder is most active between 11pm and 1am and its functions include storing bile made by the liver. Lots of side bending and squatting are essential in our asana practice at this time of year to really open up the liver and gall bladder meridians.

• A time for detoxifying the body and mind

Spring is a good time to practice meditation on a regular basis. With regular practice, meditation can assist us in quietening down and focussing our ever active minds, it can also be really useful in helping us to make decisions, and re-evaluate and make positive changes in our lives. In terms of our body, spring is a good time to have a physical detox as well. We should try to avoid over processed and refined foods, and eat as much fresh food, and food in its natural state as possible. We should also think about cutting down on the time spent on social media, watching television, our smart phones, we should replace these activities with more movement (Yoga, walking), spending more time outdoors, going for a spa and practicing more meditation.

•Spring food

During spring, as in all the seasons, proper nutrients are essential and it is important to eat foods that are in season, fresh and available from locally produced sources as much as we possibly can. We should be eating a lighter diet of stir fries and fresh spring greens during this season. The types of food we should be eating at this time of year are lentils, seaweed, kale, sprouted foods, hummus, carrots, chicory, oatcakes and plenty of omega 3, 6 and 9.

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